• The need to make speedy and urgent hires • Not able to find the perfect candidate for certain position, especially leadership roles • Not able to find people who can fit into the company’s culture • Retaining and engaging talents • Pressure of staying relevant and helpful to the company’s bottom line as technology advances and virtual workforce starts to emerge • Building leaders who can in turn help grow more potential leaders


Most organisations face similar challenges every day. Every organisation aims to maximise profit, minimise expenses and hire the right people for the right job. Many forget that organisations are run by people. Processes are created by people. Hence the success of an organisation depends on nothing more than people.


These challenges are the very reason why we created GoalsOn with the most goals oriented learning and development framework that has since proven to work for all our clients, whether they are individuals or organisations. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow.


“The best training I’ve attended so far! What makes it unique is that I can apply both the knowledge in my work as well as personal. I need to change my “Boss” character to “Coach” behaviour and this programme identifies with my needs and Gilbert really helps a lot in my coaching journey.”

Product Development Senior Manager

Munchy Food Industries

“As a Manager, I have problems influencing and convincing people from different walks of life. What I like about this programme is that the trainer used real life example as part of our case study which I can really relate with the topic of discussion. After the programme, I get to know people’s values and this is so important to be a good coach leader.”

Theresa Soh

Assistant Channel Development Manager

“My challenges is to stabilise the sales team and increase the competencies of the ASM and executives. I need to also improve on my coaching culture. One thing I like about Gilbert is that he is very caring & gives sincere advices on my job. Overall, I had a fantastic experience as this programme not only can be applied for my work but also in my personal life. The real-life case study is very interesting.”

Agnes Goh

Munchworld Marketing Sdn Bhd

“This program by Peoplelogy has given me a fresh perspective towards leading and managing resources. The idea of sharing experiences and putting it into perspective of a well-defined international framework is very interesting.The main element I believe for such a leadership to be interesting and effective is the coach. This programs coach is the best that I have ever had throughout my years as a leader. Mr. Gilbert able to make me understand, think and relate to my real life experiences instantaneously. His One-On-One session I always consider it as a session with a psychologist. It’s a fresh reset button in my ever non- stop thinking engine (my brain). I am always happy during this session because he has always been able to give me multiple refreshing perspective of the subject that we are discussing.”

Sazman Redza Abu Bakar

Heitech Padu Berhad

” I wanted to improve on the leadership of the senior staff of our company. What I like about the training approach by GoalsOn/Peoplelogy is that they use simple English language which makes it easy for us to understand. The activities during training are also interesting! The speaker that they engaged is very impressive and can retain the attention of the audience. Overall, I find the training programme very productive and manage to build up the team spirit within the company.”


Charoen Pokphand Malaysia

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