What does it mean?

The total 100% of a process divided into 3 parts, the first 10%, the middle 80%, and the final 10%. It involves the leader to be active in the first and last 10% with the middle 80% carried by a team. The idea is to establish the main objectives in the first 10% to ensure that the team understands the idea and direction of a project. Then, the team will handle the 80% which is bulk of a project. The leader have the option to mingle with the team to influence their flow of creativity and style. As the project nears completion, the leader emerges again and push the final 10% with the team.

5 THINGS in The First 10%

For this week, we will briefly share the five aspects that should be provided to a team during the first 10% of any projects.

#1  The Big Picture

A leader should share the goals with the team exactly what the leader sees and the expected outcome.

#2  Objectives

The next point is achieving the “how” in goals of the project. By keeping the objectives simple and visually memorable, the team will be able to be spontaneously aware if they are still on target.

#3  Direction

Breaking down the chain of command farther will help each person be responsible to a specific set of tasks. This helps not just in knowing the person that is accountable to that particular position but to also avoid future conflicts.

#4  Resources and Support

With the knowledge of what they need to accomplish their goals, the next question is what do they need to create the final outcome. It could be anything from monetary support or to out– of –office research, a leader needs to provide them what they need to get the job done.

#5  Responsibility

With everything approved and set up to their needs, make a clear on the fact that the task is their own. Then, let them go to settle the next 80% without much involvement until the final part of the project.


Now, you can say that you have always handled this way but it is believed that most people still have the ratio more like 10-90 where the leader prepares with team the first 10% and then the team takes the rest of the 90% to the finish line. The 10-80-10 principle covered here can also be applied together with the 80-20 Pareto Principle where we will discuss and emphasize further in our workshops. Applying these principles with understanding can take any project to new level of excellence, because the leader who created the big picture can step back in and improve the work. Thus producing a more impactful outcome together with the team.