The paradigm shift in the 21st century has forced upon the importance of soft skills and that it has become even more critical especially in technical industries. This confirms the sentiment that equipping employees with soft skills can make a difference in retaining and advancing a job that they had been hired for.

According to a survey done on 100 mid-levels and to top level managers from various industries 83% of the employers concurred that soft skills play a pivotal role in success and promotional opportunities in the workplace. Further analysis of the response also suggested that 81% of the respondents stated that soft skills competencies help to secure quick employment. It is also interesting to note that when asked if they were satisfied with the soft skill competency of new employees, only 12% of the respondents expressed satisfaction. Below figure shows the percentage of soft skills requirements to succeed in any workplace.

soft skills

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Our learning and development framework has proven to work for all our clients, whether they are individuals or organizations. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow.


Our programmes revolve around 3 elements which are Culture, Goals and Leadership.


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Pre, post and final evaluation and review report given to HR on each participants so that can know the outcome of your employees after training.

GoalsOn Sdn Bhd provides leadership skills, soft skills development and performance improvement solutions to all individual and companies through our extensive network of well qualified training professionals with diversified skills and experience. We offer a holistic approach in strengthening and developing organizations by creating innovative learning culture in the working environment. Our learning and development framework has since proven to work for all our clients. All of our programs is customisable to your organisation’s needs and ultimate goals. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow.