The idea of the five distinct levels of leadership was introduced by John C. Maxwell some years ago. Its concept in exploring the upsides, downsides as well as the best behaviors for that particular level, can assist a leader to create a strong belief that will rise the leader up to the next level and help understand how each level relates to the Laws of Leadership.

Position| Rights

Put it bluntly, a leadership position that is appointed to an individual is still bounded by rules, policies and organisation charts that can shackle subordinates. The team will only follow orders within the authority. Nonetheless, it is a fine starting point where a leader can start growing from.

Permission | Relationships

Leadership is influence, not just a position. The team do not simply comply with orders. People start to follow the leader not because they have to, but because they want to. The leader makes the team feel valued as they themselves can feel that they are trusted and cared for. These are the building blocks of a relationship which will improve the atmosphere of working together as well as change the working environment for the better.

Production | Results

The leader in this stage always gets the result that impacts the organisation. It does not just make the leader to be individually productive but that influence can also help the team produce more. No one can fake this part, it is either one is contributing to the bottom line or is not.

People Development | Reproduction

Shifting a highly productive person to leadership material is not an easy task, but by focusing on the developing potential in subordinates to lead, can build more leaders in the team and steer the organisation forward towards a greater vision.

Pinnacle | Respect

The leader in this level must not just master all the levels above but must also be highly skilled and have the instinct of a natural leader. Pinnacle leaders train other leaders who are in lower levels to reach the highest of potentials. They grew for a long time that they build a legacy of leadership in the organisations that they were involved.

“Leaders need not be lonely. Plan your journey with us.

These tier 5 pinnacle leaders will always stand out from the crowd as they are the crème of the crop, the influencers at the helm, and the most experienced but also the oldest people in the industry who seem to rain blessings wherever they go. This is the perfect time to create that gigantic splash and make the most of it while it last. With gratitude and humility, they also possess the power to raise up many leaders while tackling as many great challenges as possible. Leadership at this enlightened level, drives the whole organisation and creates an environment that will ultimately benefit everyone in it.