“Leadership is influence,
nothing more, nothing less,”
– John C. Maxwell –


Leadership is like mining, where one must filter the tons of dirt to only find that handful of gold.

With more than forty years of experience of leading leaders, the John C. Maxwell leadership programme is giving you the manual to mine your own gold mine with the guidance of the famous book, Leadership Gold. Compiled in the form of leadership gold nuggets in twenty- six different points that are converted into individual chapters, the book is designed to allow leaders to physically apply the lessons learnt for practical use with Application Exercises at the end of each chapter as well as educating and empowering others with the principles learned. Some of these “leadership gold nuggets” include topics like Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School; People Quit People, Not Companies; Keep Learning to Keep Leading; For Everything You Gain, You Give Up Something; Best Leaders Are Listeners; and Never Work A Day In Your Life.

Through these empowering lessons, you will learn to develop healthy work relationships, achieve shared goals, and build strong professional bonds while managing your people and winning their hearts. A leader without troops will always be short-lived. Even with all the knowledge of the world, the most difficult person to convince and lead will forever be yourself. Maintaining a realistic self-image is never easy, but if you can learn to lead yourself, others will willingly follow your lead.


We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our Certified John C. Maxwell Trainer, Mr. Gilbert Ng who had impacted the lives of many business leaders in South East Asia. Mr. Gilbert Ng will soon share his teachings and insights on the Nuggets of Gold in Leadership that was made famous by John C. Maxwell, in his upcoming workshop in Malaysia.

The leader’s experience in leadership

A smart leader not just learn from their own mistakes but also observe and learn from others who succeeded and failed as well. Without an efficient leader, there can be no progress in the company as organisational objectives are neglected and will further degrade the company as a whole.

Our leadership coach by John C. Maxwell can turn you to become a remarkable leader. With extensive experience and solid framework, our leadership programme can help you to learn plus refine your leadership skills, tackling challenges and assist you in formulating a plan to achieve both your personal goals along with your organisational values.

Growing to be that remarkable leader will not be easy as it not just requires hard work or perseverance but also a sincere yet zealous attitude that wants to progress and push forward. An exceptional leadership always make all the difference.