What is the Final 10%?

The final 10% is the part that comes after the 80%, the bulk of the work is completed by the team. It is crucial for the leader to come back and help steer the team back on the right track and prevent the original idea from changing to something undesirable and unplanned. By diving back into the fray for the final 10%, the leader can not only improve the dropping morale of the team but also push the team further while keeping the team calm with a clear mind of the objectives, goals and end result.
So what are the secrets?


For this final lesson, we will reveal to your another five simple points that should be provided to a team during the final 10% of any project.

#1  Leader Experience

Being a team leader, dealing with tough projects, deadlines or situations are a norm. Most of the team members do not have that extensive experience as the leader. From the problems that came to the solutions that were made, they were most likely in some point of time, had faced the issues that the team are facing now and had already overcame the problems that was once handled personally by the leader. With that reason, the leader can listen to the issues and then share and impart some wisdom that can be beneficial to team members not just for the moment but for future challenges as well.

#2  Questions, and more questions

Leaders need to evaluate the project, to ask the questions that a consumer may ask and reveal the questions to the team before a consumer would ever raise it. To ensure the portholes are covered in their plans and ultimately create a very solid foundation that is backed up by facts and logical explanations.

#3  Spark of Ideas

There is a huge difference in building what we think and building what we know. A leader’s view will most likely still be limited to a one person perspective. By sharing ideas with the team members who had done the work, new facts and in-depth knowledge can be discovered and shared from multiple perspective in the team which can be made useful by the leader. With that, the leader can enhance the old ideas and evolve them into new exciting ones. As the quote goes, two brains are better than one.

#4  Booming Voice

After assuring that the project has been done to the best of its quality, a leader should stand behind their belief in the project by lending their name to show support in the terms of leadership authority and credibility. This will not just give a good impression to the public but it will also improve morale and encourage team members to believe in the project as well.

#5  Leadership Instinct

Leaders are forged through the thick and thin of each project. In each project, there is always that someone who took responsibility, directed, delegated and made things happen. Keep an eye out for these individuals, not because to fear them of replacing you but to nurture and train them to be future managers, and leaders.
It is better make a friend than an enemy.


Life is a journey and a leader need not travel alone. By applying the 10-80-10 Principle that you have learned, you can invest in making quality time and set up a successful team that is effective both at the front and back end of your project. By combining the 10-80-10 Principle from last week and here together with the 80-20 Pareto Principle from our upcoming workshops, we can help you excel to be an effective as well as a beneficial leader. Your team will not only benefit from you but will most likely appreciate and follow you, not with fear but with respect, and you as a leader need not fear any obstacle that may come to pass as you will have the team that you have built to face the storm together with you as one powerful entity.