Staff Retention Is Now More Crucial Than Ever

The economy is rapidly picking up and young employees (Gen Y) which dominated the workforce right now want more career advancement and are highly motivated development initiatives.

Management doesn’t always understand how to motivate them; and in developing economies such as Malaysia the competition for talent is fierce.


Talent Are Your Most Important Investment

Employees in Malaysia are becoming more demanding in regards to what it takes to keep them truly engaged and committed to their organisation. The employment landscape in Malaysia is very competitive and therefore the ability to retain top talent will continue to be a challenging reality.


The turnover rate of Generation Y is the highest group among the workforce and it shows that the loyalty of young generation towards any organisation is low. Employers are struggling to find effective ways to retain the new generation.

Employers now need to change their ways in tackling these issues as well as improvised their employee engagement levels. Employees nowadays want to feel their organisation seeks and acts on employees’ suggestions, and that management involves employees in decisions that affect them. It is also important that employees feel connected to the organisation’s goals; not only understand them but also be aware of how their own job contributes to their organisation’s success.

GoalsOn at a Glance

Our learning and development framework has proven to work for all our clients, whether they are individuals or organizations. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow.


Our programmes revolve around 3 elements which are Culture, Goals and Leadership.


Results is what matters to your organisations. We provide constructive & comprehensive solutions for your human capital development.


Our learning session can be done anywhere and anytime based on your requirements.

Customised Solutions

We can customised the learning and development framework to align with your organisation’s culture, vision and goals.

Added Value

Pre, post and final evaluation and review report given to HR on each participants so that can know the outcome of your employees after training.

GoalsOn Sdn Bhd provides leadership skills, soft skills development and performance improvement solutions to all individual and companies through our extensive network of well qualified training professionals with diversified skills and experience. We offer a holistic approach in strengthening and developing organizations by creating innovative learning culture in the working environment. Our learning and development framework has since proven to work for all our clients. All of our programs is customisable to your organisation’s needs and ultimate goals. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow.