Why Conventional Training Doesn’t Work?

Most participants were much more competent as they left the training or classroom. However, days and weeks later they went back to being less competent.
Training alone is not enough. It requires commitment from both trainer and participants to go through a framework of training, coaching, workshop and review that is unique to the organisation’s direction and goals. It is extremely crucial to have a combination of passion from the trainer and desire for a change from the participant and organisation.


“Something happened after the trainings that caused the failure.”


These challenges are the very reason why we created GoalsOn with the most goals oriented learning and development framework that has since proven to work for all our clients, whether they are individuals or organisations. We take pride in delivering the desired results and helping individuals grow

Pre Study

Area/Issue of Improvement. Ultimate development goals

Skill Development

Customised modular learning of soft skills competencies with various learning modalities

Follow up/Coaching

Conducted to review the training information, answer questions, provide guidance and encouragement and refine personal action plans

Post Study

Kirkpatrick’s Level 2 Evaluation Report with MCQ questions. Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 Evaluation by conduct a Post review presentation

Development Programmes

Our programmes revolve around 4 elements that are Culture, Goals, Leadership and Coaching. We work closely with you to develop programme framework that provide the right dose of interactions and impact that help develop the right skills and behaviour for people to perform at their best. What’s more important is that we emphasise on the 50 percent of follow up and coaching session to make it last.

Goals Essential

Coaching is proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual and organisational performance by unlocking capability. Great coaching helps managers to bring out the best in their teams by boosting employee engagement and developing a high performing culture.

Emerging Leader

A good leader can make a success of a weak business plan, but a poor leader can ruin even the best plan. This programme helps to develop leadership capabilities across a variety of dimensions. We develop leaders with skills in strategy, objectivity, delegation, navigating change, conflict resolution, communication, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, appreciative inquiry, teamwork and networking.

The Coach Leader Development Programme

Each department has their own goals to achieve. The lack of certain skills and capabilities may hinder their progress. Our programme is designed to achieve specific departmental goals and competencies, whether they are in junior or supervisory positions across all department.

Corporate Culture

People are the most important assets of any company and it is crucial to align both the organisation and individual’s values. This special alignment programme assist participants in embracing change, giving them a clearer mind-set that can help to get rid of the obstacles hindering their progress, whether they are the top management or junior entry employees.